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Learn the Basics of Toxins 

This content outlines the importance of addressing our health blind spots in order to optimize our overall health. Tests such as toxicant screening, metabolic testing, and blood panels can help unveil systemic imbalances such as toxicant burden, gut health, and nutrient levels, which can cause more serious health issues if left unaddressed. It also notes that lifestyle elements such as sleep, natural light, and movement must be attended to, as well as changes to our environment and diet to ensure good health. Authentic Health is a brand dedicated to helping people stay healthy, and this content provides resources to learn how to address health issues, get more data, restore our habitats and food, and take better care of ourselves and our communities.

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Optimizing Body Composition

This content stresses the importance of optimizing body composition instead of solely focusing on losing weight. It highlights the dangers of carrying too much visceral fat, which can cause serious medical issues, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the factors that cause obesity, being kind to oneself, and taking responsibility for one's own health. It introduces various tactics, like using intermittent fasting and strength training, to help achieve successful weight loss. Additionally, it makes note of the importance of consuming quality food, ensuring proper protein intake and creating calorie deficits, and outlines that patience is a key factor in achieving desired results.

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Optimizing Brain Health

This course provides an in-depth look at how to protect and optimize brain health, with particular focus on preventative measures to reduce the risk of common brain-based conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and Lyme disease. Updated regularly, this content will feature the latest research and understanding to build comprehensive awareness and understanding of brain health.


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Genetics Interpretation

We are pleased to present this service, offering a complete genetic analysis with a plan to optimize your health. Our service includes an 80-page report covering many topics like nutrition, sleep, and genetics, as well as a video course to help you understand your DNA report. It helps with understanding and managing health risks and can help you reprogram your life and nutrition habits to get optimal health. Our report offers insights into your health, like tolerance for different kinds of food, risk for celiac disease, metabolism, and more. Plus, it includes a video series to explain the findings and a health coach to help you achieve your health goals.

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